Using songs to change the world- Meet Grace

Have you ever felt like you met an angel? Well, when I met Grace, That is exactly how I felt! She has the sweetest spirit about her, just pure kindness radiates from her when you meet her. My friend Katje first told me about Grace. She kept telling me, “you have to meet this girl!”. Then I had an essential oils workshop and Grace “Graced” us with her sweet presence! I discovered that she’s a singer, and she also started an anti-trafficking non-profit. WAIT WHAT? Oh, and she’s only 25. So I’ll let you meet this amazing chick who inspires me everyday! Meet Grace!

Photography by: @jessicasteddom

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Grace! I’m a Nashville based independent artist and the co-founder of Songs Against Slavery. SAS is an anti-trafficking non-profit. I’m originally from Southwest Michigan which is where my love for music originated! I’m inspired by artists like Patty Griffin, Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, and Sylvan Esso. I strive to create art that brings a sense of purpose, light, and hope into the world. The more I face my own brokenness, disappointment, and pain, the more determined I am to use my music as a platform to share a message that simply and honestly says, “You are not alone”.

My nonprofit, Songs Against Slavery(SAS), fights sex trafficking in the US by raising money and awareness through benefit concerts and musician partnership. Since 2014, SAS has produced over 28 benefit concerts in eight states and raised over $200,000 to aid the fight against sex trafficking.



What’s your Favorite song: I NEED IT by Johnny Balik. It is my JAM. On the total opposite spectrum I am loving LeCrae’s new song with Tori Kelly: “I’ll Find You.”

What’s your Favorite style: 
oh my gosh. I am the kind of person that once I find an outfit I love-I never stop wearing it. Right now I am rotating between these outfits:
1. My black Free People Overalls (they feel like pjs!!) with an Imogene & Willie Blue “Nashville” t-shirt with my Songs Against Slavery trucker hat.  
2. I wear Nike Pegasus black tennis shoes 24/7. (Yes even with dresses. When you have chronic back pain it is a STAPLE. I am secretly hoping maybe one day Nike will sponsor me…for all the shoes I have bought from them. A girl can dream.) 
3. I am pretty low-maintence when it comes to clothes. If I am not at the office or have to “dress up” you can usually find me in running shorts and a red cut-off Rutgers tank top. I don’t even like Rutgers (or sports for that matter) I am just obsessed with the shirt. 
4. If I have to go out and look “nice” I will wear my favorite black & red jumper pant-suit from JB & Me  It literally feels like I am wearing classy pj’s. (Can you tell I way more concerned about comfort than style?! LOL)
What’s your Guily go-to snack:
Little Moscow’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. If you live in Nashville and have never had one… GO RIGHT NOW. Truly the best dang gluten-free cookie you will ever had. I think they sprinkle magic pixie dust in them to make them taste SO. GOOD. Unfortunately for my bank account, they are located in the office space that I work out of so I get one probably 4 times a week. I pretty much workout just to eat those cookies. Also Fever Tree Ginger Beer. And The Original Ginger Chews. 
Must have beauty item:
OH THIS IS HARD. I recently went through a lower back surgery and was sitting in bed for 3 months and became OBSESSED with natural beauty products.(Thanks Amazon!) I think I now probably own or have tried every brand. I would have to say for skin care-Agent Nateur’s Holi-oil (it’s pricey but has transformed my skin) and for make-up: LIPSENSE! I don’t leave the house without wearing it. It’s this amazing lip color that DOESNT. COME. OFF. I actually just became a distributer which is even more dangerous because now I own almost every color. 
Who’s the Most influential person in your life and why:

Most definitely my older sister, Cait. She is my best friend and hero. She has always been my go-to for my entire life. She is WISE beyond her years, quirky, knows how to set boundaries and has done (and is doing) the hard work of knowing who she is and who God made her to be. She listens more than she speaks and I know that I could tell her anything, and she would receive me with nothing but arms of love. She has taught me the importance of first knowing how to “love yourself” before you can truly and deeply love others. She has taught me it is OK to be confident in who you are and being single isn’t a curse, but actually a really beautiful gift. She is the person I call when I am falling apart and the one that I text when something embarrassing just happened to me. Other than Jesus, I am who I am today mostly because of my sister. And I can never thank her enough for having the courage to “go first” in so many areas and pave the way for me on how to truly live this life to the fullest. When I went through my second back surgery this past March, she literally showered, shaved and changed my back bandage every day for weeks. Anyone who graciously does that INSTANTLY goes to the top of my book. She also Youtubed how to take a catheter out and took mine out the week after surgery when we were home so I wouldn’t have to take another trip into the doctor’s office. TMI? Probably. But that just shows you how selfless she is!

One thing you want to accomplish that I haven’t:
Go on tour and open for Joseph or Penny and Sparrow. (My two favorite bands ever.) I would also love to travel to Australia. And buy a house. And adopt lots of kids. And become a master swing-dancer. And meet Taylor Swift.  
Favorite thing in your closet:
Probably my black Free People Overalls
Your Fave inspiration quote:
“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman 

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