We are the Perfect Couple.


So I always take for granted that if you follow me on social media, you know all about me. But this weekend i realized this was not the case! Well, for some of you who might not know, my hub and I have a pop duo called The Perfect Couple.…. because we are perfect. 

No, not really. We are not perfect. But we are perfect for each other. The background to how we named our band this is pretty simple. We would just be out and about, and everyone would always come up to us and say, ” you guys are the perfect couple”. So we thought, ok. we should be! So we re-named our band that, and the rest is history.

We do a lot of things, but music is our first passion. We met while we were both in separate bands touring. He likes to tell everyone I was a groupie. But come on guys, I was just a super fan! We have been playing music toghether for 14 years, which doesn’t seem possible. But it’s true! We have a blast!

We just had a show this past weekend, and our fave photographer , Jess Potts, was there to capture it all. We also are working on our new record, which has been taking a lot longer than planned, but all for the best! We have been writing a ton of new stuff, and are working on a bunch of new videos too! Oh, and MAYBE a youtube show coming your way this fall?????? Stay tuned! In the meantime, go to iTunes and download our EP– and find us on Pandora too!!!!Oh, and of course follow us on Instagram!

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