Wednesday Getaways with Nada

a girl with blonde hair drinking a cocktail

Wednesday’s were already one of my favorite days of the week because, well it’s almost Friday! So when we heard one of our favorite restaurants, Nada ,was having a special menu on Wednesdays, that day became even more special! 

Here in Nashville, Nada will be hosting the #Wednesdaygetaway ! They have a special #Tiki menu + #tiki drink! And let me tell you from 1st hand experience, it is all INCREDIBLE. The price as well is crazy cheap! Especially in our ever growing food scene. There were 3 of us, and we were full from splitting the Tiki Sampler. It’s definitely something worth sharing! It includes: The Tuna Poke, Ensalada Nada, Spiced Pineapple, and Crispy chicken wings. Oh, and let’s not forget about the crazy tasty cocktail! The Mango Sea-Duction! It was so good, I had 2:) They really had to twist my arm on that one.

the inside of nada restaurant in nashville a menu with words on it

a table full of different dishes at a restaurant

The server was so knowledgable on this whole menu, and the chef even came out to share more with us about the menu he had created! I think that always adds an extra level of special to the experience.

a girl with blonde hair drinking a tiki drink a bowl of chicken wings a bowl of salad a girl with blonde hair laughing

If you are in Nashville, or plan on visiting, be sure to break up your week with the Wednesday Getaway at Nada! Let’s just say it’s NADA-bad deal! (I’ve got the dad jokes all day long!)

Thank you Nada for such a great time! #ad #sponsored

the inside of nada restaurant in nashville




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