Why you should shop small.


A few weeks ago I put together a Makers Fair with some of my friends for Small Business Saturday. It was an amazing time of gathering like minded entrepreneurs together to share our passions with everyone who came. 

So why did I gather up 15 of my small business friends? Because! I believe “shopping small” is so important. Here’s why.


When you support a small business, you aren’t just supporting that business. You are helping a dream come true. Everyone has a dream. The cool thing is we all have different dreams. And that’s good. Some might dream of being a pilot, a baker, a teacher, or starting their own business. Whatever that dream is, you should pursue it until all doors close. Die trying is my motto!

You are supporting a family, helping pay someones bills. That is cool right! So that’s why you should shop small when you can. Yes, sometimes it’s more expensive. That’s because it wasn’t made in China. It was made here and BY HAND. That is why it’s more expensive. But when someone buys one of my products…. and then I see it hanging on their wall, It’s like a piece of my soul is with them now. That is special in my opinion!!!! So remember that when you are shopping small!!!

Here are some snippets from our Shop Small Makers Fair! Definitely check out these other businesses! Also I’d like to thank the Tennessean for coming out and interviewing me and hanging out in my shop! You can check the article out HERE! You ladies were such a pleasure! Thanks to Laura Roberts for all the fun photos of my shop! Also a huge thanks to Will from Mighty Swell Cocktail CO. for hanging out and serving us your delicious Mimosas!

Check out all these other small businesses that participated!!! Annette McNamara, City Pieces by Aimee Siegel, GEMMA Swag , Shabby Ever After, Hair by Rachel McCann, Press + Hume, Stella + Dot, Dangerous Shreds, Walks by Morgan, Pies by Taylor, Theresa’s Twists, Sweet Jane Nashville, Amy Duncan/LuLaroe, Stella Shops, Beauty Counter By Kel, 


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